What should Custom Output Bitrate be? Auto? or 180?

In Video Enhance AI Beta 3.0, in the Custom Output section, what should I set my Bitrate to? Auto? Or 180? I’m upscaling old WW2 newsreel footage from 480 to 1440. Should I leave the bitrate on Auto/0 or am I achieving maximum quality if I select 180? Thank you in advance.

What bit rate does Auto give you for this (you will have to run it to see the bitrate chosen by Auto)? How does that compare with your original (would expect it to be higher due to any improvements/upscaling) but within reason.

I find that Auto on my Mac M1 when upscaling a DVD to 1080P is giving me a very high bitrate (~40 MBit/s) while the original is only 1.41 Mbit/s. And re-encoding with HandBrake default also brings it back to 2.66 MBit/s. This results in huge file sizes with Auto and likely the difference is not visible.

Not sure how Video AI choses the rate with Auto but in my case, it is too much.

180mbps if you want to keep the video closest to lossless as possible. if you planning to use it without further editing, probably Auto is good enough. Auto on H.265 is around 16.7mbps, no idea on H.264