What Next? DAM from Topaz

Is there any chance of Topaz creating a DAM (digital asset management) for use with their software? It would make life so much easier and eliminate the need to have additional third-party software in order to manage files and file archives.

Currently, I’m dipping in and out of Topaz because of the lack of a management system.

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Two companies, DXO and Luminar, have attempted to make a DAM this year and both are struggling with it. It’s not a easy application to develop as they are finding out.

Use a DAM that has matured already to avoid the aggravation. ACDsee, Adobe Bridge, Fast Image Viewer and others would be a better option. Search a bit because there are a few good ones. I use ACDsee and I’m happy with the cataloging, reviewing etc.

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Yes, I’ve tried Luminar and it is well slow. I’ve also used LR, ACDSee and ON1, but the point I am making is the inconvenience of having to keep dodging between them and Topaz and the inconvenience this causes, and the extra strain on computing memory. If Topaz are looking for a new challenge, then I’m suggesting that a DAM would be a good thing to get their AI teeth into.

I find these programs frustrating and On 1 won’t even work on my computer which is a Windows 10 Ryzen 5 2600X. If Topaz decided to make a cataloging program it must be separate from Studio.

Adobe Bridge is quite reasonable and free. DAMs are really a personal choice. For me I use Capture One as I also like the RAW conversations.

I also have ON1 but, unfortunately, it goes from bad to worse with the worst implementation of keywords ever in their last update.

I use Capture One sessions and catalogues - not only for RAW. You can call TS right from CO1