What Metadata do you want to see in Studio?

Pick your top 10 preferred Metadata items! These will go into an image info popup, similar to the effect info popup, that will show up when you hover over an image in the workspace panel.

  • Aperture Value
  • Color Depth (8bit/16bit/etc)
  • Color Model (RGB/CMYK/Greyscale/etc)
  • Color Space (sRGB/Pro Photo RGB/P3/etc)
  • Make (Camera Maker)
  • Model (Camera Model)
  • Software (Camera Software)
  • File name (Input FIle Name)
  • Image Size (L x W)
  • Compression (JPEG Compression/etc)
  • Location (Coordinates)
  • Orientation Value (1/4/8/etc)
  • Pixel Height (L px)
  • Pixel Width (W px)
  • Date time Original
  • FNumber
  • Focal Length
  • Photographic Sensitivity (ISO)
  • Shutter Speed Value
  • Focus Mode
  • Color Profile Name
  • Brightness Value
  • Components Configuration
  • Compressed Bits Per Pixel
  • Custom Rendered
  • Date Time Digitized
  • Exif Version
  • Exposure Bias Value
  • Exposure Mode
  • Exposure Program
  • Exposure Time
  • File Source
  • Flash
  • FlashPix Version
  • Focal Plane Resolution Unit
  • Focal Plane X Resolution
  • Focal Plane Y Resolution
  • Light Source
  • Max Aperture Value
  • Metering Mode
  • Pixel X Dimension
  • Pixel Y Dimension
  • Scene Capture Type
  • Scene Type
  • Sensing Method
  • SensitivityType
  • Sharpness
  • Subject Distance Range
  • White Balance
  • AFInfo

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If you do not see a metavalue data type here that you want to see in a “quick metadata info”-style popup, sound off below :slight_smile:

I missed ISO. I did not find it in the list until after I selected save. would like to see ISO


It looks like you can change your vote. If you unselect one item, you can select a different one and click vote. It updates the totals correctly.

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I have voted for 10 but I haven’t included the one which I think is most vital - copyright - as it is not there.


I’m guessing that this information would be more intended for the photographer’s own catalog. Copyright information wouldn’t be necessary and would be an automatic inclusion within the camera itself but it couldn’t hurt for online displaying purposes or to identify someone else’s photo if included.

Copyright included in the metadata is vital if you have photos stolen and need to prove your ownership - specifically if someone is using them for commercial purposes.

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We’re not voting for what should be included in the metadata - we’re voting for 10 items of the metadata to be shown in a popup panel. The copyright will still be held.

Well to me this is not clear - unless I am very much mistaken images do not retain their metadata when displayed on Topaz forum. If the ‘pop-up’ is simply for other folks interest then yes you may be right but if it is a vote on what Metadata we want to retain then Copyright is vital, to my mind.

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It’s for info you’ll see in a popup “that will show up when you hover over an image in the workspace panel”. Nobody else will see it.

Which means that they must be retaining the metadata - at the moment the info in any imge says words to the effect that ‘this site does not retain any info on images’. So to display it they will have to change that process. And if they are changing the process then copyright should also be retained.

The file holds the metadata, not us. We’re simply displaying it in a popup, like this:

We do not retain any information, still. The application simply reads it, and displays it. We do not add or remove anything.

Please vote only based on this:

#What do you want to see in a metadata popup, inside the Topaz Studio application?

We’re not talking about images displayed in this or any other site/forum. This is a popup which will appear when you hover over one of your own images in the workspace panel in Topaz Studio.

Sorry - I now understand - my sincere aapologies everyone.

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