What is wrong, guys?

Excuse me, but it is hurt me.

What’s happening? Does TL lose the grip and goes into an uncontrollable skid?

In recent months, products of TL brought a lot of disappointments and users forced to look for alternatives to the once legendary products of the company. The multi -month existence of some of the introduced bugs (such as working with RTX in TPAI) and the release of new versions, unsuitable in their original form and with the expectation of the “following releases” (such as TVAI), makes users to search alternatives outside the line of products with a once almost impeccable reputation.

Please concentrate! No need to kick a “new release every week.” Just do it that it already works without critical bugs. Do not disappoint more of your users and do not force them to look for alternatives.


While you do have a point, those RTX issues with about any AI software are often due to NVidias notorious driver issues and thus often can be solved by simply using an older driver or waiting for a driver fix on NVs side.

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In fact, other AI-processing software has no such bugs. No RTX-related issues in TVAI - why? Old TL DeNoise has no issues. Other companies SW with similar functionality also free of this problem. For example ON1 has no issues, Adobe PS AI has no issues and so on…

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Oh, NVidia is known (feared?) for often releasing drivers with issues. Especially, but not only the Game drivers but also the studio ones.
And I’ve often read about issues e.g. in stable diffusion webUI.

At least they normally are quite fast fixing them.