What is the Largest Image Size Topaz AI Can Handle?

As a Wall Mural photographer I am nearly always working with very large files. For example I currently have a 1.45 Gigapixel 28,887 x 51,355 pixels file loaded in Photoshop. This is a stitched image from PTGui, NOT an image enlarged with Topaz Gigapixel AI. I am getting an error message when I attempt to launch Topaz Photo AI from Photoshop.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Image is loaded into Photoshop
  2. When I select Filter > Topaz Labs > Topaz Photo AI (or Topaz Sharpen AI) I get an error message
  3. Error message is “Topaz Photo AI cannot Proceed – Error C++ Exception, please report this error to Topaz Labs.”

Note: I can not reproduce this with the standalone versions because the standalone versions will not load a .psb file format.

Computer is an Intel(R) Core™ i7-6800K CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHzwith 128GB of Ram, EVGA GTX-970 GPU running with dual 4K monitors. I have Photoshop set to use a 1TB SSD as its primary scratch disc.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.2.2] on Windows 10 Pro

By the way it isn’t a bug, GigaPixel can only process an output image up to 32,000 pixels on the longest edge.

You can stitch images after up sizing, if it is an option, as many people do with panoramas.

Note also TIFF is acceptable to GigaPixel as PSD is proprietary to Adobe.

Please note that I am not talking about Gigapixel AI. The question was specifically about Topaz Photo AI which I am attempting to use the Sharpen feature by launching Topaz Photo AI from within Photoshop. I am not attempting to use the Upscale function at all. The image I am attempting to work with is a large stitched image measuring 28,887 x 51,355 pixels.

If I invoke the older Topaz Sharpen AI Version 4.1.0 I can open a file that measures 14,400 x 57,634 pixels. However, if I attempt to load the larger image measuring 28,887 x 51,355 pixels it gives me the Error C++ Exception" error. So the 32,000 pixels on the longest edge doesn’t seem to be the issue. More something to do with some file size limitation.

If I attempt to invoke Topaz Photo AI with either of the above files it locks up Photoshop and I have to shut down Photoshop using Task Manager’s End Task function.

Also, images the size I am working with can not be saved as TIFF files because the exceed the 4.00G limit for the file data in TIFF format…

you found the answer yourself

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No the question is not answered.

  • As I stated, the 32,000 pixels on the longest edge is not a limitation because both images are far greater than 32,000 on the long side.

  • The one that will open with Topaz Sharpen AI Version 4.1.0 is 810 megapixels, 57,634 pixels on the long side. (However Topaz Photo AI chokes on this file.)

  • The other file is 1,452 megapixels. (Both Topaz Sharpen AI Version 4.1.0 and Topaz Photo AI choke on this file.)

  • Both are too large to save as a TIFF file.

  • So am I to conclude that the Topaz suites have a file size limitation somewhere between 810 megapixels and 1,452 megapixels?

  • I guess it is too much to expect that the Topaz suite can handle as large a file as Photoshop? (I can see it being an issue if one was trying to upsize an image. But as I have stated, I am not doing that. I am only trying to use the Sharpen function.)

  • Approximately 98% of the photos I shoot and edit are stitched images that are at least 1,000 megapixels or larger.

So am I to assume that any image that exceeds the 4.00G limit for TIFF file format is not going to work with the Topaz suites?

TIFF limitations are 4GB, Topaz products use TIFF and NOT PSD. So you should expect that this is a physical limitation of the applications.

Also there is a extra limitation for Photo AI and GigaPixel AI that will not save files greater than 32,000 pixels on the long side.

Also PS passes a TIFF and not PSD to Topaz products.

Also, as you haven’t mentioned your GPU, vRAM and drivers version it is hard to offer any other explanations.

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Hi, @AiDon. The 32,000 pixels is still a limitation nowadays?

Maybe a dumb question - but since you mentioned more than once that you are working with stitched images:
Would it be an option to use Topaz on the original separate images and stitch afterwards?

Yes, I do use Topaz to work on the individual images. However, it can cause issues because even if I apply the same settings to all the images before processing, the so called “Artificial” (fake) intelligence still applies different adjustments to each image. Thus when stitched, one get variations in brightness, sharpening etc. in the finished stitched image. I would say I have about a 33% success rate at using Topaz AI to preprocess the images before stitching.

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Thx. I was already thinking such could happen :grimacing:

I believe so.


That’s sad to know. Thank you anyway for answering me. Have a nice day!

The official limit is 600% the original resolution or 32,000 px along one side. Anything larger will either be buggy or not process at all in Photo AI.

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Thank you for the feedback, @tim.he. Does Topaz intend to increase this limit in the near future?

No plans in the near future at the moment.

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I see. Thank you for the reply.

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