What is happening with Restyle?

What is happening with Restyle? I have had a ticket in about something not working for some time. Then I got an email to say all tickets were cancelled due to Studio upgrade. However this isnt in Studio - ans I chose the option for Restyle when I submitted the ticket.

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I don’t think Topaz offers support for legacy plugins like Restyle anymore- they won’t even support Topaz Studio 1 since 2 was released.
Post your problem here and maybe other users can help.

Seems to work OK on Windows 10, can you explain the problem you are having please?

I think they still support the six, including Restyle, that haven’t yet been ported to Studio. They’re all still available for purchase.

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Restyle comes up fine as a plugin in Studio Classic and I use it often.
I have created a lot of my own presets. When I choose one and go to Edit preset name at the bottom menu, I cant actually edit the name. Everything else in the dialogue seems changeable there but that. I found this out when I mistyped and name and went to correct it.
I realize it may be something others don’t use much if at all. However it doesn’t work so I asked for tech guidance as the title Edit name isn’t there. I also have some presets there which, if selected bring me straight back into Studio Classic with the Colour Palette not applied.
I find Restyle very powerful (in digital art) in bringing variation generally - but specially to images I have already used AIRemix in. In the latter’s menu you can adjust hue but its universally applied. Restyle introduces more variation. I have heard some webinar guests use it too.
It also applies palettes better that using Match Palette in Corel Painter.


Thanks. Issue now posted to forum.
I wish they had removed the dropdown option for support with Restyle when creating tickets if there is no support for it.

The preset system for Topaz Plugins doesn’t allow you to edit preset names, also you shouldn’t overwrite presets as that would create 2 presets with the same name and the plugin will crash.

The only way to either update a preset or change its name is by saving as a new name and delete the previous version.

I suspect you have duplicate presets, can you let me know what OS you are on and I’ll let you know how to correct it.

It does have an Edit Name option though. Also I am only changing my own new ones and not touching native ones. I did try deleting and creating a new one but somehow the ghost of the old one is lurking somewhere. Sometimes I just cant delete it. The old one keeps appearing even though deleted. if I click on it to delete again, it just flips me back to Studio.

The duplicate presets must now be part of the issue. I am running Windows 10.
By the way, I have gone into Program files and also Appdata and the name of the preset I am trying to remove isn’t anywhere in the lists of presets

Firstly you need to go to :\Program Files (x86)\Topaz Labs\Topaz ReStyle\Presets and check each category for duplicate file names. Any that you find the one(s) with the oldest create date should be deleted as you are looking too retain the latest version.

Then go back to :\Program Files (x86)\Topaz Labs\Topaz ReStyle and delete the following file … note that it doesn’t have an extension it is just named TopazPresetsDB

Then when you restart Restyle it will take a minute or so to rebuild the Presets database.

Very grateful Don! The delete TopazPresetsDB seems to have fixed that corrupted preset!. This will be useful to remember

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Topaz ReStyle 1.1.0 crashes when finished editing image

Please do not make duplicate posts all over the place - once is enough. I’ve removed three others and will also remove any others you make. Restyle is working just fine for me on Windows 10 but I don’t think there’s much point in your raising a support request as it’s no longer updated or supported by Topaz Labs. Do you get any error message when it crashes?

UPDATE - I’ve deleted five duplicates now. Please stop it.