What I hate about the new interface

Where do I begin…

Can’t stop previewing. Bogs down the app while I’m working on multiple imported files.
Can’t see the processing time each file took. Sorry, not going to bother opening ANOTHER app to see a log-file when that used to be readily available.
No count down of remaining files to process. The scroll bar guess ain’t enough.
…more to come.

Think I just wasted $80 to keep getting updates. This version blows.

I understand your frustration. Please make sure your system meets our requirements if you’re running into slow processing speeds.

There will be a patch coming out next week for Gigapixel.

My problems are with the INTERFACE.
Ran fine with 6.3.
It’s the INTERFACE that is slowing me down by FORCING previews while I’m importing and setting the app for the images.
Go back to preview on demand and not automatically without option to turn off.
And having the window in a window for processing is LAME. Prefer 6.3 where it happens in the SAME window AND includes total/remaining information.
What purpose does the secondary window achieve?

I was debating getting PhotoAI or renewing my GigapixelAI update to get version 7. Now I wish I had gone with PhotoAI, but now I can’t afford that having blown the cash on GP updates.

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Thanks for clarifying.

This is more of a feature request. I wouldn’t be able to troubleshoot this further without your system profile. We can continue through support if you’d like to reach out.

Obviously, there is nothing that I’d be able to do immediately to solve the images instantly processing preview, though. If you’re not happy with Gigapixel, you can get a refund and purchase Topaz Photo AI instead.