What heavy PC specced machine to buy?

I use VideoAi for my full time work a lot so getting things done quicker is key for me.
Currently I have a 64 core Mac Studio Ultra and a PC with an i9-12900KS CPU and putting a 4090 card into the PC now sees pretty much double the rendering speed over the once mighty Mac Ultra.
So, the plan is to buy another PC and offload the Mac to increase my work production (and heat!) but am unsure what PC spec to get?
AMD threadripper or the new 13th gen intel processors?
I’ve also seen the RTX A6000 cards, is this an overkill for VideoAI (And Davinci Resolve rendering) - are they faster than the 4090 in these x2 programs?
Budget is decent as its going through my company.

If you want to double the performance again you could go with a TR and get two cards and with the Comandline you can assamble one job per gpu.

But at the moment i can’t say how much CPU cores you really need for one card.

There is a bug for AMD and GTX cards at the moment (i think) so i’ve to wait until my CPU gets better loaded. (I’ve a Radeon Pro W6800 GPU)

The speed with a Quadro RTX 5000 (and the Threadripper) was decent with 22 Frames/s (pal to 1080p, Proteus).

I agree. I can’t tell how many cores you would need for two GPUs. I have the Ryzen 5900X with 12 cores and it gets 90% used most of the time with one 3080ti. I tried running two instances, and the speed gain was about that unused 10%.
In that case, you might even get meaningful gains from more cores and one GPU.

Then the question remains how much the gpu can handle before it gets into trouble with the queue.

I did run 4 instances in 3.1.0 and did get a load of 15GB in Vram (pal to 1080p, proteus), so the 3080ti would run out of memory.

I have both a Threadripper 3970x/AMD 6900XT with 64GB of RAM and an Intel 13900kf/Nvidia 4090 with 64GB of RAM.

IMHO, the Intel chip is a smidge faster with the Nvidia 4090.

However; with the release of ver 3.x, Enhance AI is full of bugs that has rendered my software basically useless until they fix these friggen bugs, I am back to version 2.6.4.

The Problem is the lack of PCI-lanes of the Consumer plattform.

In less of a month HEDT Intel gets released and will resolve this if someone want to go with intel.