What Happens When Models Are Updated?

What exactly are the effects of updating models? It sounds like it will affect my previous jobs.

You mean/asking if you should re-process your original raw video again, in hopes for better quality because of an updated model(s)?

I meant if I reprocess a previous job using the older model, will it affect the results?

you mean using older model with an updated TVAI version?
I would love to help you, But I am sorry, you are really vague with your question.
Could you please detail your question much more then just one line hoping I can guess what is in your mind ? an example would be appreciated.

Usually models updates are to resolve reproducible artifacts. For example, I know there were lots of reports about the Apollo model making everything more blurry. So, technically speaking, if you have processed a video with Apollo version 1, and you now process the original again with version 7, you should get a less blurry result.
For the stabilization model, I know the first versions couldn’t process movies much longer than 2 to 5 minutes. The latest version fixes that. (Though I have not tested it.)

Anyway, those are the kinds of changes you can expect. If in the update changes, they mention that image quality was improved with certain models, than you can expect to see different results when using that version of the model.

Would that affect your previous jobs? Not really. If you want to get the exact same result you got before with the older model, you would have to use the CLI to specify the older version. Ideally the newer model will always be better, but some have found that that is not always the case.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I wanted to know. It’s interesting to note that Stabilizations wasn’t exactly “stable”. I’ve been getting Unknown errors on long (2+ hours) renders, and possibly this could be a cause? At any rate, my mind is a bit clearer on the issue of updated models.

Someone else just figured out that the stabilization model uses your windows temp folder. That’s usually on drive C. It was filling their drive C, running out of space then crashing.

Oh, That’s definitely not the issue. I don’t store anything on the C: drive except programs and system files, not data, so plenty of space.