What happened to Topaz Detail?

I just purchased a new computer. I downloaded all of the tools I had purchased a couple years ago from your download page. My workflow always includes Topaz Details. I got to that step in Photoshop, tried to select Details – and it’s not there! So I went back to the downloads page. IT’S NOT THERE EITHER!!! I can get it off the Previous Versions page, but it says there that those versions are no longer supported. So what happened to Details? Out of the entire Topaz suite Details is the tool I rely on the most! Did you kill it off? What about your promise that tools will always be supported? Do I have to pay for Studio to get the full version of Details, despite your promise that upgrades will always be free?

I am very disappointed.

Detail is supported but has been updated to be part of Topaz Studio instead of only a Photoshop plugin.

You can download and use the updated version by installing Studio, which gives you a standalone version as well as the plugin, or continue to use the older plugin.

So, don’t worry, you are still getting support for Detail.

Thank you for your quick reply. I had already downloaded and installed Studio, and Details was not in the Filters list of PhotoShop CC, as all my other main Topaz tools are. How do I install the Details plug-in?
Also, I received an E-mail saying my Topaz order was complete, saying that I had received Topaz Studio for $0.00. Does that mean I now have the complete Topaz Studio suite, with all Pro adjustments, or does that just mean that I have the free version of Studio, with just the presets? When I ran Studio, I saw that there is a menu bar item named “Plug-Ins”, but it was grayed out. But perhaps that’s just because Studio is not finished setting itself up yet?
Thanks for your help, but I remain confused.
Rob Richardson

I found the filters in PhotoShop. I guess Studio hadn’t finished installing. I managed to stumble across Details, but I have no idea how. I clicked “Try Pro” and began my 30-day trial. The Pro version had the controls I expected. I closed Studio, went back into PhotoShop, and reopened Studio. I cannot find Details any more.

This is extremely frustrating. You have taken away a tool I relied on and used heavily, and gave me a dumbed-down version I can’t even locate, and you want me to pay for an upgrade you promised I would never have to pay for, I feel that you have let me and the entire photographic community down horribly.

Just go to help and synchronize adjustments and make sure you are signed in to the Topaz Labs website, through Studio, and it will pick up that you own Detail and will give you the pro version of the needed adjustments.

Just follow the instructions on the web site.

Just follow the instructions on upgrading on the website. No one has been let down.

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Instructions here…


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Thank you. I’ll follow those instructions this weekend. In the meantime, where can I find instructions on using the plug-ins? As I said in my last message, I stumbled across the Details adjustments in Studio by accident, and I could not find them the second I tried, after clicking on “Try Pro”.

You must run Studio as a standalone first after installing in order to have the plugin installed to PS/LR etc.

When you invoke Detail through the Studio entry in the PS filters menu it will open with the Detail presets.

I remain confused. From the update instructions link you sent, I gathered that I will have full access to all the functionality of the old Details plug-in once I install Studio, but that functionality has been divided between two different adjustments. But now you are talking about presets again. Under PhotoShop’s Filters menu, I now have two sections for Topaz. One has the choices I am familiar with, except that Details is missing. The second has six (I think) choices, including Details. When I successfully follow the update instructions you provided, what should I seen in those two submenus?
And could you please summarize the functionality that is contained in each of the two adjustments that used to be in the old Details plug-in?

When you download and install the old Detail plug-in it will appear in the PS Filter menu as it did previously, and it will still work as it did previously. As you own that plug-in you will also get, free of charge, the update to it which is now called Detail in Studio. In addition, all the old plug-ins you own should be accessible from the Plug-ins menu in Studio.

But all that will only happen if you have the old plug-ins and Studio registered to the same email address, in which case it should all sync automatically. Then you should see Detail 3 in the Topaz Labs section of the PS filter menus as well as Detail in the Topaz Studio section. If that’s not the case then you’ll need to raise a ticket with Topaz.

Updates are free. Answers to all your questions about the Detail 3 to Detail in Studio update can be found here:

Here’s a video introducing the update:

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Did you run Studio as a standalone first? (Note: you must exit PS to complete the installation)
Did you login through Studio with your Topaz Labs user id you use for your account?

If so you will see the the entry in the PS filter menu (first screen shot), then selecting that will take you to Studio where you will see the Preset panel for Detail open on the left as in the second screen shot below:

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I do have the Detail option under Topaz Studio in the PhotoShop Topaz Studio menu as shown in your first screen shot. But I do not know how to get the Precision Detail layer you show in the second. I got it by accident the first time I tried, but I could not get it the second time. And the first time I tried, I clicked Try Pro and got the Small Detail, Medium Detail and Large Detail sliders I am used to from the old Details plug-in. How do I get those back?

By George, I think I’ve got it! I downloaded Details 3 and installed it. Then, I opened PhotoShop, selected “Topaz Studio…” from the Topaz Studio submenu of Filters. When Studio opened, I selected the Adjustments menu, and found Precision Details in the drop-down list, with the controls I’m used to seeing.
Thank you for your patience.

But I still have the trial version, with 29 days to go. I’ll work through the Updating steps in the link you sent earlier to see if that goes away.

After following the instructions, it still shows that I have a trial version of Details. How can I change that to the permanent version?

Try Help> Check for Adjustment updates.

I did. It didn’t help. It just says “Validating Plug-Ins”, and then nothing else.

Are you logged in through Studio with the same user-id as your Topaz Labs account?

You must be logged in, you must run the standalone before using as a plugin, and then if it still shows Try Pro run the Check for Adjustment Updates from the help menu.

Please confirm you have carried out all the steps written in the paragraph above. Then restarted Studio.

The Precision Detail adjustment appears under the Adjustment Menu, or the Adjustment button on the right.