What happened to TGA support?

Every Time I try to open a TGA file exported from VTFeditor I get an error Invalid file type. Image extension is ‘tga’, but file type extension is ‘cur’.
This error did not occur in version 6.3.3

Steps to reproduce issue: Export a TGA file from VTFeditor

  1. Step 1 open a VTF file
  2. Step 2 Export as TGA
  3. Step 3 Try to open with Topaz Photo AI

Topaz Photo AI [v7.0.3] on [Windows]

TGA might be exportable if you use Preserve Input Format when you export.
However VTF is not a file format we support.

If you want we can look at the file more thoroughly if you’re willing to start a Support ticket for us to talk more 1:1

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