What happend with the latest update -- destroying images

impossible as you won’t let me upload the cr3 and tiff that Topaz has screwed up

Edited a CR£ in Lightroom, Passed it to Topaz Photo AI which cleaned it up nicety. Saved as tiff which looks mothing like wither the original cr3 or the image in Topaz.

JPGs exported form light room, for the

CR3 and the Tiff

And this is just an example of the many that have been screwed up in the last couple of weeks. But by far the worst

Topaz AI 1.2.6 Lightroom classic 12.2.1

Hi @Topaz3,

Can you upload the original image along with the TIFF file for us to test on our systems?

Submit to Dropbox

If you can also re-process your image as a TIFF within Photo AI and then immediately go to Help > Open Log Folder and share all of your log files with us we will need those to investigate further.