What GPU to buy hard budget $100

CPU (i5-4460 mobo H81M-E34) processing is super slow.

With Chronos - SloMo v2 model on third demo video with balloon, if i set Slow Motion = 200% and OutFPS = 60.

I am getting processing speed 30/seconds per frame.

Is it realistic expectation to get like ~1 seconds per frame for above video if i buy GPU for around $100?

no chance for $100


I don’t think you can get a decent GPU at such price at the moment.

May be you can wait until Bitcoin crash, then you can find many low price GPU in 2nd market.

I remember a few years ago, when the bitcoin crashed, there were many many 2nd hand RX580 card selling at around US$70~$90.

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RX580 will not bring 30sec/frame down to 1sec/frame. And don’t forget powerfull RX20…/30… will also need powerfull PSU (>500Watt)

I have 400W PSU, what would be the best card i can get for the hard budget of $150 that will give me noticeable improvement over CPU processing?

When will it crash approximately?

I don’t think anyone can answer that question. :thinking:

But many people predicted that when Ethereum move from “proof-of-work” to “proof-of-stake” may cause crypto miners selling their GPU.
Latest information suggest that it will happen in coming summer, but no one know for sure, because it is a big change and it has been delayed a few times in the past. :crossed_fingers: