What do you call an undecided fool?

A galah on the fence (Aussie slang)

mostly Topaz Studio


Very nice capture.

Interesting expression, not sure how I will work it into casual conversation… :wink:

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Instead of “what a fool” you can say “bloody galah” :slight_smile:


Great capture and processing …

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is that pronounced as in “Gala” but with a long terminal rising “A”

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@el48tel Unlike gala, the emphasis is on the second syllable with the second ‘a’ like in 'bra" (from Wikipedia: galah /ɡəˈlɑː/ )

@ShazzyCo Nice image - makes me realise I haven’t seen one (galah) in a long time (probably not since we left WA). I really like them, even though they can be a real nuisance …

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