What are the best settings

hi, i just purchased topaz video enhancer ai and so far it has been a waste of money because i cant get it to work, all i get is error, i have the required hardware and software, what i was wanting to know could it be the settings or are my videos too big, first time it was with a 13 hour video file, then i reduced it to 2 hour files and the same thing, so far i cant get the program and if i cant get any help i will be asking for my money back as i havent heard from them any ideas

Raise a support request at the main website to get help from Topaz. This is a user to user forum.

i have done that and am still waiting

Don’t forget time differences. If you’re not located in the US you need to wait a little more. Probably would have been better to have tried the free version first before buying it.
Which is you’re hardware ?