What Am I Missing in 3.0.2?

The difference I see in the newest version of DeNoise is not a welcome one. I can’t even get close to the results I got in the previous version (1.3.3!!). I’ve run several photos from source through 3.0.2 and when compared to my previous DeNoise, everthing is either ‘soft’, ‘dull’ or both. ‘Clear’ used to be my go-to setting, but neither it or ‘DeNoise’ seem to work at all. I’m using ‘Low Light’ on everything just because it’s a new button to push. Seems to help. Sometimes taking it on to the new Sharpen AI gets me close to what I used to get, but I always have to add Studio 2 ‘Precision Contrast’ and ‘Precision Detail’ to get close. Speed it better, but who cares, considering. I hesitated posting this, but really think you should know, Topaz.

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