What am I doing wrong?

uprezzing 640x480 progressive 25fps to 1920x1080 23.97 fps 3 minute clip. Once rendered it is 25 minutes long. Repeat, changing the model, now I get a video that 1 hr 47 minutes long…frame duplication out of control. Slow motion is off. I’ve done half a dozen flavors, all come out different elongated times. Thank you, new to the software, have watched tutorials, but same result.

What version are you using? 3.5.1 has major bugs, so wait for 3.5.2 that comes out today.

3.5.1. Thanks…I’ll try the 3.5.2 and see if it works.

3.5.2 should be available later today, they usually release in the late afternoon (Dallas time)

I hat simillar problem in a early version, then it was fixed but later happened again. Yes check out with neweset version now.

I don’t use fps change often. If you have small fps changes for example 29.97 to 30fps (or 24fps to 25fps is akzaptable too), maybe losless fps conversion is a option for you. This keeps original images inside the video. I do this often für Videostream with a muxer for example TS-Muxer and for the audio fps conversion I use a little free great tool called “clever FFmpeg GUI” Then I muxe the fps converted video and Audiotrack together again with TS-Muxer. There may are also other options to do that in a single task.