What about color

Hi, I have just bought Video Enhance AI and I have to say that it’s pretty amazing what it can do.

However I have plenty of old VHS-tapes from the 80s-90s that has very washed out colors, are there any plans to make a “color enhancer/restoration” AI product?

I have been searching online for a product like this, but most seem focused only on B/W content and photos only.

While colorizing black & white videos would be fantastic, I think it would be equally amazing to improve color and contrast in coloured video content that is washed out for one reason or another.

If not, does anyone know of a non-topaz tool that can do this easily.
I prefer not having to do too much manual work as I do not have a background in video editing and colorgrading.

Hi, there’s Davinci Resolve from Blackmagic Design
You can download a free version with no time limit or restrictions, this will give you all the colouring and contrast tools you’re ever need

Hope this helps

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thank you, Does it have AI features? like being able to correct color information based on object and such things? Or do you have to do all the color work manually?

Hi I’m not sure about colour correction based on objects
You can certainly select objects and automatically colour correct them Davinci Resolve is a fully featured colour grading, editing and sound recording program as used by Hollywood.

As for Davinci’s AI tech that’s reserved for the paid version Davinci Resolve studio

Below is a link for Davinci Resolve

Video on faded colour