What about adding small paid packages

Corel have in recent times been focusing a LOT on getting added finance from new paid brush sets for Painter.
Is this a way of approach rather than only focusing on money from upgrades. eg what about offering paid sets of new Remix AI Looks, Restyle collections, Textures, Digital Frames etc.
Often something new like these have been offered free after the software has been purchased. But do they need to be.
I dont know how this affects finances or whether it is easy enough to add as ad-ins in the software. However, as someone wanting to discourage existing users being asked to pay for future upgrades, this may be one avenue to consider. Just a thought

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They originally had Adjustments which you would pay for each time you added a new Adjustment to Studio 1. Studio 2 stopped with that model of payment.

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I recall that and purchased them all over time. However that general idea may still may be a way of adding new components, or expanding old ones if they are short of money. Works for Corel anyway.