What a ripoff

So, I got a new computer and what a surprise I got when I found out I have to buy the program all over again. Complete ripoff, I’m telling everyone in my photo community to NEVER BUY THIS PRODUCT

I bought a new computer too and just claimed one of the two seats for the new one. It worked perfectly fine for me.

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@david.sullivan-8218 Each purchase comes with 2 seats which means you can use it on two computer simultaneously. Simply log in to the second computer using your account credentials and activate the app.

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Looks like I finally got it working, don’t know how, don’t know what I did but they sure don’t make it easy. I had already installed it on an old laptop and then my newer but still old desktop, and just bought a new computer to replace the desktop, so was worried that 3 computers would not allowed but I won’t be using the other 2 anymore.

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I’m glad you got it working. We’ll be changing the seat manager system shortly to make it more intuitive.

Thank you, and please delete my comment as it’s a bit harsh in light of the way this turned out. A bit of advice though, in your effort to make things more intuitive: Please avoid using the word “seat.” or worse “seat manager.” How is anyone supposed to know what that means? There are 2 seats? What are they and more important, where are they and what do I do with them? How does this un-intuitive phrase help anyone? A seat is a chair. I got my Topaz working by pure luck, trying things at random.
Dave S

Hi Tim I’m changing my mind again, this just isn’t working for me anymore. I’m just noticing now, that Topaz’s output for an 8.5Mb photo is barely one megabyte. And there used to be a function on my paid version that allowed me to upscale - to increase resolution beyond the original. What’s going on here? Can I get my money back?

Hey, David!

I’m pretty sure that Topaz Photo AI still has an upscale feature.

Regarding the file size:
What are the input and output formats? File size in megabytes does not necessarily correlate with the image dimensions - if your input is a 1000x1000 pixel 16-bit tiff, it might be larger in size than an output of 4000x4000 pixel 8-bit jpg.

Here’s an example of such:

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Firstly the MB size of an image doesn’t reflect the quality of the image.

And, of course there is an upscale option that is available, currently only as a standalone or using as an external editor from apps such as Lightroom etc.,
as you can see here:

My suggestion to you is to try Help-> Support and have a look at the User Guide which will point you in the right direction about the functionality of the application


The term “seat” does seem to be unique to Topaz. Maybe it is confusing to new users. Other software I use refer to “licensing” or “activating” x “computers”.
I don’t know what terminology LR or PS use.

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Thanks for the feedback. We’re changing the design and verbiage shortly.