What a disappointment

The new Topaz AI is impossible to work with. It takes forever to process and freezes. We’ve lost all adjusting abilities. What have you done? As the other users have indicated, please revert to the previous version.


Its like Topaz has sabotaged their own program. Why? They made it much worse.
Also, note that Adobe just introduced DENOISE AI to Lightroom Classic. I just tried using it on an image with noise and a lot of text. Adobe’s version worked great on the first try. The noise in the background disappeared, while the text remained fine.
In comparison, the Topaz Photo AI version distorted the text, no matter how little noise removal I used and taking time to select the text to preserve. I’ve attached before and after screen captures of an image using Adobe DENOISE. The third image is what it looked like when I used Topaz Photo AI. As you should be able to see, the body text is distorted.

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I tried to process a batch of 200 photos, but each time it freezes halfway. Windows 11, I5 16GB.
After it starts to run its impossible to switch to the User Interface again. However Photo AI does keep running for a while.

I did a complete re-run with Version 2.3.2 and it has completed without any problems!
I even re-installed and run: NO PROBLEM
BitDefender Anti-Virus

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