Welcome to the Year of the Pig 🐷

(Don) #1

Now the Year of the Pig has reached all the world, we started yesterday or today for the US, I would just like to say … Happy New Year and 恭喜发财 “gong xi fa cai” … and may all your wishes come true …

(Don) #2

As we have left the Year of the Dog, this is a :dog: helping to wake the Year of the :pig: but it takes a lot for to wake up …

(Ricci) #3

That video is so funny, Happy New Year Don

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(Kenneth Kovach) #4

chúc mừng năm mới

Hope everyone enjoys the year of the pig!

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(sjssjs) #5

loved the video… great photo.

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(Peter) #6

Great image Don!

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(Kathy Rodgers) #7

Happy New Year Don. My cat was sleeping on my lap and woke up as soon as the dog barked. He watched the video with rapt attention - LOL!!