Welcome Back to the Forum

Well we have a clean start and what can i say except that we have an opportunity to progress again… Thank you to Joe for getting this up and running in a timely manner.

Despite the fact that Facebook is being used the forum is still the best place for specific help as a thread is isolated from the general FB stuff.


This definitely isn’t what we wanted to see happen, but sometimes you must play the cards you are dealt. :upside_down:


I thought about trying facebook, but don’t have an account. I’m logged in to my husbands account, but that would confuse everyone…especially him!

How long before we’re no longer new and can post several pictures in a post?

@tennie done :slight_smile:

So pleased to see the forum up and running again.

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Good to be back, it’s been strange without it.

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Good to be back and see everyone posting again.

@JoeFedric-TL - can you fix me. I seem to have lost my moderator and beta tester status. Thanks.

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Looks like I have lost my beta tester status but it’s good to see you are back up and running

Don…can you do the same for me?

Appreciate your bringing my status up-to-date if possible. Thanks.

We have a record of our most recent active beta testers, and will be restoring those before we move into the next beta stage. We have some plans to improve the beta testing process going forward, and I’ll make sure everything is configured and ready for everyone when we get ready to proceed. Thanks for your patience, everyone!


Well, this works out well for me since this is my second post here. :sunglasses:


I have no idea what happened to the Forum and do not need to know any details. I am very glad to see it back and running. I enjoy seeing work done by other very talented folks. I have just begun to use Topaz Studio with the Pro Pack in earnest…barely touching the tip of the iceberg. Having a ton of fun and creating with much gusto.

Joe you do an outstanding job. You have been a timely support to my quandaries from some pretty remote areas of Peru. I am most appreciative.