Weird eyes - in Gaia HQ not just Iris LQ

This is a companion to Richard Gardner’s post Iris without Iris enhancement

But more importantly I think it may be more than just 2 models of Enhancement AI.
I’ve only had deep-dive experience with Gaia, Iris LQ (v1) and Proteus.

I’m here to report that Gaia is, perhaps less often, having the same problem with the eyes. I’m borderline afraid to use this product to show to friends and clients — despite the immense cost to potential quality — because one wrong element can spoil 10 good ones.

Currently I am deciding, for professional quality scenarios, to replace entire scenes of Iris LQ with Proteus (1% to 2% of total runtime). Gaia HQ might be less visible — judge for yourself in these screenshots — and I’m super unwilling to give up Gaia’s unparalleled performance. I might have to get really DIY on this and manually crop in some unprocessed footage whenever this occurs:

Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 11.30.55 am

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