Weird details using JPEG to RAW

When I take some of my jpegs and use JPEG_RAW on them, I get weird artefacts on them: weird bubbles and streaking/lining. They are microscopic (viewed at 100% +zoom) but carry on through the other Topaz processes and usually get worse and worse.

If I AI sharpen the image first, this seems to help the problem. So to me, if the image is not sharp jpg-raw is doing more then jpg-raw sharpening and getting thees weird results.

Somewhere in all of this I saw a way to add an image where I could have shown n example.; it has gone. I can’t find it. I worked to find it the first time and it’s gone again.

Can you provide more information please, especially the pixel dimensions of the input image and the size in KB as resolution will also affect the output. You can also add an image by using this icon in the reply box:


Thanks for the reply.

The original image is a jpeg, 5.6 Mb, 5200x3400.

Others have had lines rather than bubbles, but I did not keep copies. The effect seems worst on smooth areas; sky etc, but that is just from limited experience.

I tried to attach a detailed crop after jpeg-raw. I keep being told I can’t put an image in a post


I have updated your membership, you can post images now. Note that 5.6Mb is a low resolution, a full resolution would start at 17Mb as that is the pixel count.

Thanks for the reply, Don. And thanks for the account upgrade.

But I am confused. These were shot as jpeg. Doesn’t compression come into play here? I checked around and

5-8 MB file sizes are considered pretty normal for the camera (Canon 7D).

BTW I now shoot RAW+large jpg at all times.


Can you upload the original JPG to a file-sharing website where I can download it from such as DropBox, Google Docs, etc. and I will have a look at it for you.

OK. Sure. I don’t use them much, so I will have to sort out how to give you the url

I wish I could ID the other one that did it. If I can I will post that up as well, because the artefacts were different.


Here ya go. The bubbles crop are from the bottom rhs.

Hope I got this right.

I just saw that the image was noisy. I tried a denoise before I did JPEG - RAW, but it did not help. That may save you a bit of time.


That isn’t noise, it is artifacts on your result. I wanted to see the input to work out why.

Yep I get that. I just wondered if the processing had resulted in the artefacts because of initial noise. It took me 2 minutes to test and I just thought it left you with a bit more info.

AFAIK you now have the original.

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Nothing there for any of those links, they don’t look valid … try right-clicking and click Copy Link Address then post that here.

Daaah. That’s what I did. Probably find I need to make the picture public or something. Sorry, I warned you. :slight_smile:

Will get back to you. Thank you most gratefully for your patience. ’


OK. I am trying again.

I signed out of google photos altogether, posted up the link in my browser and the picture came up, as I have put it into a shared album. I hope this works

Once you have the full sized photo I am not sure what browser you use to get it onto your system


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I’ll check it out and get back to you.

The original has artifacts and quite a lot of Noise:

After JPEG to RAW, TIF output I get the following, a little better:

Then using DeNoise AI, Low Light model I get the following:

I haven’t tried it the other way around starting with applying Noise reduction to the JPEG but you could try the same settings of AI Clear Auto … unfortunately though, because of JPEG compression, it might not work as well starting with the JPEG then using JPEG to RAW.

Note that the Canon 7D didn’t handle low light noise very well, but it can be corrected as I see above.

OK. I think I have fallen into the trap of getting a bit lazy using Topaz’s offerings and I need to pay more attention to the options. I can certainly use other options, as you have, to get better results. Basically if it does not work, try another option, before blaming the result.

I have seen your moon shots and it’s not the moon that is green cheese. Amazing shots.

But I have used Topaz to get a result form a pretty old, jpeg, taken in a city on a warm night, 200mm lens, shot of the moon, that has dragged out details from jpeg mash, that nothing else could do.

So if it’s not good enough, try again before I grumble. :slight_smile:

I cannot believe your patience. Thank you.


Your welcome, as you can see from my screen shots … Always try Low Light with the Noise slider more than the auto setting and Sharpening set to 0 on images shot in low light.