Web-based installer Failure

I recently rebuilt my tower. Now reloading all of the applications;
Specifics : Win 10 Pro, Intel I7 Processor (64G RAM), GeForce GTX 1080 video.
With the Topaz web based installers, I cannot see the entire install panel and can not select options (like acceptance of terms). This is only happening on the web-based install products (Studio, AI Gigapixel). I have successfully installed non-web based Topaz products with no problems.
I have filed a ticket with Customer Support but so far … silence.

Here’s a screen grab of the condition:

Run the setup in Administrator mode.
I’m not sure if you updated to latest window but like on my side a lot of programs that run before would not run any more until I run them in Administrator mode.

Hope this will help.

It looks like you have the screen zoom set quite large, revert the zoom to 125% or less and see if that helps.

The attempted installation was done in administrator mode. Even attempted the installation with Win 7 simulation. I’ve submitted a ticket to Topaz and supplied requested information. Awaiting a satisfactory response from Topaz. Thanks for your suggestions.

Good luck with that. I had a problem with Gigapixal install. My installation would just sit there without continue. I ask if I can get just regular Install and not Web install. DID NOT HELP… I had to reinstall the Computer then It worked. The problem was like yours. The version 1.0 was removed and that’s where the problem started. I could not install 1.1

But I had No respond or any help with that. It looks like they don’t respond like they used too.

What is your screen Zoom set to?

Also there are display issues with Windows Theme managers.

The solution was to go into W10 preferences and set the display mode from “high definition” to normal definition. After that, I was able to navigate through the installers.

I want to thank the members for their suggestions. I was totally disappointed in the Topaz response to the open ticket that I created for this situation.

I did mention in my first response that it looked like a screen issue, and I believe that when you submit a help request you are acknowledged immediately that someone will respond when they have time but that will usually take 2 days or more.

@tzcbs0, I’m sorry to hear you’re not satisfied with our support response. We’re a small team, and don’t have immediate support. We juggle hundreds of requests at any given time with less than 3 people working the requests at any given time. Any time we spend investigating your issue is time we cannot reply, because we are so small. Further, it looks like you’re using January 2018 drivers with your GTX 1080 Ti GPU. You might want to update those, considering your card is $1k, and a decent chunk of what you’re paying for are driver updates that you’re not installing. You can get the latest drivers here:


Also, it does look like we got back to you on Friday, after our previous response on Wednesday morning. 48 hours between responses is an average for us right now. Sorry if you aren’t happy about that, but not buying our stuff isn’t going to help us grow so we can support the product more quickly. We have no control over staffing, as support agents. Revenue dictates that, actually.

@joe.Bejm, it looks like your most recent request was basically asking when a new feature would be released. We can never answer those questions in support, unfortunately, because we have no control over the development schedule along with many other factors. Asking that question will not yield anything but an answer that mimics what I’m saying here, if we are able to respond. That request was placed on October 21, and we did not respond.

Did you have a ticket number for the A.I. Gigapixel problem ticket you submitted?

No I don’t have the ticket. There was a web side “https://topazlabs.com/a-i-gigapixel-story/” and they ask questions about it. I ask Mr. Feng the question there and was ignored while other questions was answered.
The Idea is that some times those web installers don’t work. Topaz Studio worked and any other installers work too but Why not having a regular installer that you can download and install at any time.

There was also a Error massage that I got several times and no Answer on that.
“Some debugger wants to attached it self and the program will exit.”
I saw that several times before…

What I can say…

We do not answer every comment or question on every blog, but I’ll see about getting you an answer on your question.

Our applications are very large. We used to do a regular installer, but as the software grew, more NSIS Download Errors occurred. This particular error happens more frequently when downloads are sized >1GB. NSIS Download Errors essentially leave you with a huge file that does nothing, because the installer is incomplete. The error occurs because your browser runs out of memory, or your ISP disconnects you from our server because of bandwidth limitations or quotas, and there are a few other explanations for why it happens. The problem with that is we pay for every bit of data that passes through our CDN servers, so when one person fails 5, 6, 7, 8 times, it can get expensive. Then, you have thousands of people doing that, and you can see how this becomes untenable.

Our software will not run, and present this error, if it detects an application that is attempting to capture proprietary Intellectual Property data from our application. Debugging exposes our trade secrets, confidential information, and other data that we have a right to protect from theft. Only our developers are allowed to debug, and they must give you a special debugging build to avoid this error. If you get the error, then something is trying to capture information from our software. We cannot speculate as to what that might be, as the user should know their system best and which applications they have installed. We have seen OpenGL profile viewers and testers cause this problem, because they attempt to grab every bit of memory in the graphics card, where we might have privileged information stored, so it causes the error. The bottom line with that error is that we are protecting our IP.

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Well that maybe so, But that would be same thing that when downloading with web installer you will get same problem. If file fails to download let say almost on the end you will have to restart the download any way. A lot of web side when download they do have resume so if file or anything crashes the file can resume. You don’t have that so there is still the same problem as downloading one large file. AND WHAT happen if something happen during Final Setup. Do you have to start download again to setup program? In my case I could not even work with you installer. Is just would not run and I could not do nothing except redo my computer. But the fanny part that Studio installer was still working. I had no problem until something happen after the first version was uninstalled…

But what ever happen it happen. This person has almost same problem except his was downloaded but would not run proper. On my side it would not even start downloading.

That’s not true. The web installer has access to a repository where it downloads the files in chunks. When you download a regular installer, all the files are contained in either an EXE (Windows) or DMG (Mac) installer container. It’s one file. That’s the problem. Your assertion here avoids that fact, and it changes the outcome entirely when you’re downloading a single 1GB file vs ten 100MB files.

You cannot resume a NSIS Failed Download. It’s corrupted, and cannot be continued. So, this statement is also untrue.

We store the files that are downloaded in a /tmp/ directory, which is removed after installation. You would need to run the installer again.

I tried to make sense of the rest of your comments, but I honestly had a tough time. I don’t think I found anything else that I can address, so I’ll leave it at that. However, if you make untrue statements about the nature of software delivery systems and the technology behind it, I will correct you. I will also take further steps to annotate your posts, to correct them, so you are not misleading folks that come across this thread. Please try not to make claims that are not true, if you are able.

So you see. If I had a regular setup file then I would just install it any time with out downloading again…
So regular setup file is more practical then a web installer.

We could argue practicality all day, but an installer that never gets to a user’s machine is not executable.

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