Weaver's cottages, Bibury

Pp in Adjust and Studio.
The picturesque Arlington Row cottages in Bibury were built in 1380 as a monastic wool store. This was converted into a row of weavers’ cottages in the 17th century.
Arlington Row is probably one of the most photographed Cotswold scenes and it even made the national UK news at the end of January 2015 when a bright yellow Vauxhall Corsa car parked near the cottages was accused of “photobombing” and spoiling the view so loved by tourists. Must have been a slow news day!


Lovely scene and processing.

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Beautiful setting …very nice treatment.

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What no flatten them for new cheaply built american condo, and they are so old and stinky, I get so absorbed with pix as these, trying to see all the activity that took place, all the folks roaming around, dealings surviving, the cloths worn, sold, armies marching thru, what all took place on that magical ground of time past

Nice capture/PP and I enjoyed viewing this beautiful landscape and the story behind it.

might be my display unit but it looks a little cold - I’d increase the colour temperature control a little to warm it and get the best out of the warmth in the Cotswold stone

Thanks Terry for your observation. The original looked warm enough on my monitor but much cooler on the Topaz Forum.

Here’s a slightly warmed up version. Didn’t want to be bolder because greens would then look unnatural. What do you think?

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That’s more like the colour of the Cotswold stone I remember from a couple of weeks ago. Grass looks less gray too.