We Need Your Images!

Hi all,

We do our best to provide you with the best quality image enlargement anywhere on the market. To do this, we need your help. Specifically, we need your images where you see quality issues with the output. If you’d like to help us make Gigapixel the best that it can be, we need you to do the following. Submit a zipped archive to this link, containing:

The before and after images that have quality issues. The more images that have the quality issue the better. In the zipped archive of before and after images, please include a .txt file that contains the following information:

  1. A description of the quality issue you’re seeing. Image quality is incredibly subjective, and what might be an issue for you may look perfect to someone else. The more detailed the better. If it helps to circle on the output image where the issue is, even better. Examples of the issue description could be color shifting issues between specific colors, grid lines showing up with specific processing settings, or lack of noise reduction on specific images. This along with the before and after images are the most important to diagnosing the issue and training our AI models.
  2. What scaling settings you’re using (2x, 4x, .75x, 25in, etc). If possible, make sure the before and after images were scaled with the same settings. Some issues only show up at certain scaling factors.
  3. Your Graphics Info, which can be found in Gigapixel under Help -> Graphics Info -> Copy.
  4. The processing settings you used for the images. These specifically:
    • GPU vs CPU
    • OpenVINO on vs off
    • Graphics Memory Consumption (Low / Medium / High)
    • Use Maximum Quality AI Models on vs off

This is data that we need to make our models better. The images and information you submit will directly go to making Gigapixel a better product, and is absolutely invaluable to us in diagnosing and fixing image quality issues.

We appreciate your help in this endeavor, thank you!