Watermark wont go away, help?

Hi all,
I’ve had topaz ai for a little under a year and haven’t had too many issues with it. I use it for quality in my edits and usually render one video at a time. Last night after re-opening it, I noticed it was telling me to activate my user licence (nothing new, I know about how it does that sometime for annual confirmation). However, after I did that and then went onto processing my clip, I checked to see the improvement and was met with the big topaz watermark.
Not only that, but when I closed the program and reopened it to see if it was just a once-off sort of issue, it came up with the ‘activate licence’ option. Now every time I open it, it keeps telling me to activate my licence and when I successfully do so, I always get my processed videos back with the stupid watermark.
Sorry for the long message, but can anyone help? I really don’t want my money to be wasted because topaz is hella expensive. Thanks in advance!

Hello, did you try a complene uninstall and a fresh re-install of the Topaz application? If this does not solve your issue please write to support@topazlabs.com

If you email the support team and start a ticket, please send the logs from the app. That will help them understand what could be causing the authentication to fail or not register.

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