Watermark for the Photo AI output

I just process some photos anf found watermark on the output. This is not suppose to be as I have a bought software with Topaz Lab and so far no Water Mark.

It sounds like you might be accidentally using Denoise, Sharpen, or Gigapixel since those will produce watermarks in the trial version. Photo AI does not produce a watermark. Please make sure you’re using the correct app and let me know if you have further questions.

I was using Photo AI. I have all the other software from Topaz. Sometimes I do the processing with Denoise, Sharpening and Gigapixel one after another. But I was definitely using Photo AI. As there have been some recent updates and I wanted to practice more with it.
I have deleted the pictures already. Probably some bugs with the updates.
When I restart Photo AI it was OK again.

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