I spent a good part of yesterday reading about watercolors and watching tutorials. The message running through all this was watercolors are notoriously unpredictable and frustrating. Mistakes are unavoidable. And my ongoing trial and error with digital watercolor brushes seems to hold to this truth in their own unique way. Anyway, my goal in this exercise was to do something quick and simple without over working it. While I was ever so tempted to use TS to brighten things up I decided to step away and leave it alone, without any preset enhancements. I should say, I’m reluctant to post this. It is not my best work and I could have done more but, then I thought, for the record, it’s something to build upon.


No. It’s good. I’m glad you left it the way it was.


I agree with @Dragonpainter, it looks great right as you stopped it

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