Water feeder

(Sharon) #1

inspired by Don’s Water Walker … I thought I would play with one of my egret photos.

In Studio: Posterize, Abstraction, Smudge, Sharpen, Impression, Texture adjustments

(Mond) #2

Stunning image!

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(TERRY) #3

now that’s one fine image

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(Kenneth Kovach) #4

Great silhouette!

(John) #5

I agree with Ken and the other members comments.

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(marty) #6

Beautiful silhouette you captured here. Nicely presented.

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(Xiao Lin) #7

I love the spinning effect that frames the photo! Nice silhouette.

(Sharon) #8

@XiaoLin I actually just painted theswirly frame with black paint on some white paper then photographed it and added to my collection in texture effects … i painted several different frames that I can use.

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(greg ) #9

Nice Effect, Makes me think of red wine or chocolates.

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