Washed out color in Denoise images

While I find the noise reduction and sharpening are excellent, this new version that supports RAW has washed out the color on my images to the point that I find the product not worth using. Is there some setting that I am missing? I have uploaded images to show the problem.

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I definitely see this with Sharpen AI, with .CR2 as the source at least. Saving as .DNG results in strange green hues to white balance too.

Did you get anywhere in resolving this or raising it as an issue with Topaz?

Well I found a workaround in the last version. I would edit the photo some in LR first, then rather than dragging a file into Denoise (which takes the whole file and it then proceeds to wash out the color) I would hit Command Shift on the edited photo in LR which would then open the edited photo (rather than the original DNG) and I could use the Denoise and save it back to LR as a TIFF. I now find that this process doesn’t work for me as I just upgraded to Denoise 3.5 and it is not working for me. I find that Topaz upgrades have made the product worse instead of better. I wish they could just upgrade their algorithms without messing with the way the product works with LR. Getting to the point I may dump Topaz products.