Was anyone else underwhelmed with the product?

I just purchased this a week ago after thinking about it for a long time. I recently shot a wedding in dreadful, dark conditions and thought the denoise and sharpening tools would be a life saver… Sadly, they were very underwhelming, especially for the cost. The denoise feature makes it look like someone ramped up the Luminosity slider and gives it that unrealistic look. I assumed it was doing something different that PS and LR couldn’t already do, like fix the noise and sharpen the images and use AI to fill in the blanks. Plus, it doesn’t mask out all of the exposed skin, just the face, so the neck and other exposed skin doesn’t match the face. Why this product was released like that, is kind of surprising, especially for the very, very high cost and only one year of upgrades.

I want to express that there are many paths to success, and the tool you purchased is just one of them.
Despite your current perception, the software isn’t as bad as you might think.

Personally, I use it to complement my images, enhancing them in ways that wouldn’t be achievable with other solutions alone.

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