**WARNING** Update with care - NVIDIA Drivers to version 419.17/419.35

(JesusSheep) #88

I am using Same Driver.

(CLTurner) #89

Still happening with version 419.67 nvidia laptop versions of the GTX 1050ti. Sadly, when you do a clean install of the driver you can’t roll back and there are some issues installing an older version of the driver.

BTW, I’m using the Creator Ready Drivers (ironically tagged “CRD” by nvidia).

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(Aquanut47) #90

I’m using a Mac and every time I try to open or drag a file to Gigapixel AI it crashes. It only did this after I updated. I did a clean install on the previous version and now it won’t work either…

(Aquanut47) #91

How do you get and install drivers anyway?

(Don) #92

You must do a clean install for previous drivers … 418.81 is stable and it can be found at the GEFORCE driver list on the NVIDIA web site.

(Don) #93

From the NVIDIA web site for Windows. For Mac it is handled by macos updates.

(Ricci) #94

@AiDon is there any reason to update when it seems to be working without having any issues?

(Don) #95

Certainly not, if it is working ok for you then there is no need to revert.

(Margaret Weir) #96

I have the GTX 1050, as well, and what I ended up doing was changing the default vram. Running as admin didn’t help, but making the switch seemed to. There’s possibly a database corruption, so that can be reset. I haven’t had to go that route, yet, but at least there’s a solution for me. Maybe it will help others. Thanks to Ashley Tharp for the tips.

(Corros) #97

thanks all for the great suggestions. After trying everything, deleting the drivers fixed it for me (GTX960M). I reverted to the original drivers from 2016, and everything worked great. On 418.81, everything is still working. I don’t update to a newer version.

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