Wanting to upgrade to 3.2.6, but

I’m using Video Enhance AI daily so I was excited back then to upgrade to 3.0, but with all the crashes and insanely low performance, I reverted back to 2.6 and it’s been the version I’ve been using ever since.
However, the feature of slowing down AND enhancing/upscaling in one progress is still intriguing to me, so I really want to upgrade. My license expired (with 3.0.2) so I’m debating on extending it and would like to ask for an opinion.

My question’s are:

  1. is 3.2.6 better than 2.6 that it warrants an upgrade, as in better performance and better models (especially Artemis LQ)?
  2. Were the bugs and performance issues addressed/fixed?

my system info:
cpu: i5-12600k
gpu: GeForce RTX 3060
ram: 64GB DDR4

You can download it for free and do a benchmark, in the Process tab.


This model is visually the same. It should run at least twice as fast on your system though.


I would absolutely trial the latest build, you will find that v3.2.6 is significantly faster and more stable than v3.0 was :slight_smile:

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