Walls of Tintern Abbey

Taken in Wales at Tintern Abbey, a wonderful place to visit, it has inspired Wordsworth, Turner and many others…

This was processed with Topaz Studio Impression.

Processed with Topaz Studio Precision Detail and Precision Contrast (using the gradient mask to avoid processing the sky and clouds) and BW.



Great capture & scene… I love all 3 and I really enjoy seeing places I’d never get to see.
Hard to pick between the Impression and B&W image… they are both very appealing results.

One of my favorite places in the Wye Valley and a great way of bypassing the M5 motorway. Lovely shot.

BW for me

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @cre8art, @Mond, and @Laundromat, I am glad people liked differeny versions

The original is very balanced and a lovely shot. I think the highlights are a bit too suppressed on the B&W. The clouds and the left side of the castle could be brighter but Overall very nice work.

Thank you for the critique, @Artisan-West. I made some changes in Photoshop with Levels and Curves adjustment layers and I think the new image has a little more range. I love working in BW, in some ways there are even more things to try than in color.