Wait, pause, CRASH

Just downloaded 2.6.2 version as of 12/15. I loaded a 720 x 480 video that I want to upres. to an HD aspect ratio, so I entered 1280 x 720 into the size fields. Do I also need to change the Scale value, which still says 100%? Right now in the preview, what I see is the same size original 720 x 480 window fit inside a 1280 x 720 white frame, so the video itself has not actually been changed. When I try to preview this, I get the message Preparing Ai Mode (Proteus Fine Tune, Quality High), and every few seconds, another message flashes on the screen for less than a second, so I cannot read it. So I have no clue what is happening. - this Preparing message and the very short second message have been in a loop for >5 minutes but I cannot tell what is wrong because the message is so short. And now it just crashed the program… I need this video to become 1280 x 720 actual size, not fit into a letter box. I accepted all defaults. Very fast HP workstation 64 GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro K4200 GPU, Windows 10 latest. Thanks for any help.

** Follow up - Got Enhance to start and after 5 frames with settings from above, got a Critical AI Engine Error - “unable to run model with index 0” Np idea (and no help from the program on that) what that means, Already adjusted settings (VRAM and Reduce machine load) as suggested with earlier crashes. Buggy.

Why would you enter the original video dimensions in the size fields if you want to upscale it? If you want 1080p, just select ‘HD (1920x1080)’ from the output size drop down menu.

As for your crash, you should open a support ticket with Topaz - v2.6.2 works fine for me on W10 and I have yet to see a crash.