Vintage House, Pinhao Portugal


Getting to the Vintage House in Pinhau, via car, was not for the faint of heart. But when I walked into the lobby, I decided it was worth the effort. First impressions are everything - right?

(John) #2

Beautiful processing results. What did you use to get the sketch look?

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(Sharon) #3

An exceptional image

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(Randy Reid) #4

I really like this. I even came back to it. I don’t do that often. The Blue and Yellow are the perfect shade.

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Oh man. It went from Capture One to Photoshop.PSD for minor tweek. Then Import PSD into Corel Paint Essentials 6 (where I did the outline) and then out to Photoshop again and applied a few plugins. Great fun! Thanks for looking.

(Kenneth Kovach) #6

Great combination of sketch and painting!

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