Video preview is rendered but like half the time wont play

1. The bug / behavior you have encountered

  • video preview renders fine but often wont actually play. play button turns into pause and there is tons of lag when clicking it. im on a 7950x3d and 4090 with 64 gigs of ddr5 6600 cl 20 system ram and im using samsung 990 pro m.2 ssd’s (all firmware and drivers fully updated) so i dont understand these odd issues especially simple ones like playback.

also for some reason any previews i make seem to play externally (VLC) in slow motion but the final output runs normal.

Its also done this across 3 fresh installs of Win11 pro. Dont have any other video issues in other apps or issues in general, System is solid as can be expected except in topaz though i get these things happen but preview playback should be topo of the list for fixes if it has issues with 4k content… this isnt some free app and its fantastic but the usability clearly has some long persisting issues (ive been searching) and they are ones that impact the ability to make the best output and are a basic function of an app like this.

Doing 720p30 to 4k60 proteus upscaling on auto
*also had it happen at original frame rate output and with no upscale as well as when using other ai models and various codecs (nvenc or otherwise) it just seems random and reinstalling, reboots, different input files or output settings dont seem to matter.

3. Your log files (Help > Logging > Get Logs for Support)
-Will update thread with logs when i get home or tomorrow morning at the latest. I have a very simple upscale test it happened on where i edited together a bunch of still images to test upscaling game textures and injecting them back in…thankfully it worked because i cant afford topaz photo after buying video lol…also just had a plumbing incident thats gonna cost $2300 to fix…sigh

got home early due to water leakage lol, I did edit these logs but i just removed my windows login name from the directory structure and replaced it with x’s so its still easily read. (800.9 KB)

4. Any screenshots as necessary
-can provide if needed

Are you playing the previews directly in the app? Try right clicking the preview and using an external player option. The app does not always provide playback in real time when viewing larger resolution files.

certainly an option but then i cant easily compare differences using the split view and also for some reason any previews i make seem to play externally in slow motion but the final output runs normal.

its not really ideal but it also happens at lower resolutions, lowest ive seen so far is 1080p but most of ny use is 4k upscaling so i dont have tons of experience below than outside of testing different techniques

I looked at the logs you uploaded and do not see anything glaring in them as an issue.

Are you running anything else while doing the video previews that would strain your system? I can see issues with higher resolution videos possibly having an issue playing back but if you are seeing on lower resolution as well, there could be something else going on.

Is your system running hot during any of this?

Nope for all intents and purposes every potential resource is going to topaz and I’m actually watching something on a different display input while I let it run. Nothing crazy in the background either, I run a tight ship lol. That said I usually see CPU use around 70% spread across all 16 cores during a render and GPU use around 75-95% on the core with memory at an avg of 7.4 gigs out of 24 and system memory at 27 out of 64 gigs during a 4k enhanced Upscaling run… usually from 1080p

Thermals are fantastic across the board. Nothing going above 66c even if I run a full load stress test for hours. I considered it a couple weeks ago so I devoted as much resources to topaz as it’s settings allow and let it run for like 18 hours straight but thermals never went above the 66 degree threshold I basically see under any load. I have a water cooling setup and plenty of airflow in a 011 dynamic Evo case with 3 fans up front, 3 up top, 2 on the back and if I’m feeling frisky I’ll sometimes put 3 on bottom. They are all Lian Li infinity fans controlled by the motherboards many built in thermal sensors. I use a ROG Crosshair x670e extreme for the moment.

ok so its super hot in here right now and its made me a liar by hitting 69c on some components and a max of like 71c on gpu memory (which is running well above base by nearly 2ghz) but still fantastic thermals considering how highly overclocked it is and my rad fans only running at 500 rpm and gpu fans at 35%

right here topaz has been running pretty much since 6am, and its 314pm here now so i dont think they are gonna go any higher since my rads and cooolant must be at its heat saturation limit at this point… its made the room feel like its 85+ degrees F so im opening the window and letting some of that last winter air in haha