Video Perf benchmarks: AMD Ryzen-3 vs Ryzen-5 CPUs

RE: AMD Ryzen-3 (2200) vs Ryzen-5 (5600) CPUs with Radeon RX570 GPU/video

Upgraded the CPU (only) on my video processing desktop in order to upgrade to Win-11 (primarily). Note: AMD 5600 CPU cost was $150.

The GPU is outboard Radeon RX570, 4GB Vram (note: the AMD 5600 has no onboard graphics).

Below are the Neat Video benchmarks. Even though one might expect the heavy lifting to be done by the (same, unchanged) GPU, there was a significant increase in performance just due to the CPU upgrade.

Clearly, better teamwork between the two (CPU & GPU). But, the faster 5600 more-cores CPU (alone) had better results than the slower less-cores CPU+GPU.

I found this surprising & unexpected. The (unmeasured) response of the Topaz apps also seems significantly improved.

NeatVideo_bench-results Ryzen-5 5600

Thanks for the observations. I’ll add that I upgraded my system from a 5600X to a 5700X and noticed absolutely no speed improvement running VEAI 2.64 so although the 2 extra cores were apparently being utilized they gave no actual benefit.