Video or Batch render. How?

I love Topaz been using it over a month now. I made my graduation films better using Topaz Clean 3 in Photoshop on OSX. Batch frame render at 500 an hour.

So to me its the world’s greatest image enhancing systems other than Photoshop. I want to buy all plugins and studio and test filters and grades. Multiple creative possibilities. Multiple means of expression. Multiple ways of creating beauty.

Are there any plans to make a video colour grading software?

Are there ways of speeding up the batch render? Are there plans for video compatibility.

You [Topaz Labs] and tutorials on Youtube helped save my graduation film, making it beautiful and abstract by adding VFX. I feel like want to create maybe create another film using Topaz techniques. And another one. And another one more. And another after that. And another one until my heart’s content.

PS I dont want to use photoshop or after effects that much. To me its clunky, cumbersome, old and not streamlined for efficiency. They don’t update the interface for young people. I hate legacy software. Why dont they just create a spinoff company with software that compete with their old crap. Look at DaVinci and what its capable of doing with a cool interface and great features. Now industry standard for colour grade.

Okay, Premiere Pro is cool cos its not clunky Avid MC. Though Avid MC has propriety codec DNxHD

…I dont know what I’m talking about its late at night and tired.

Try DaVinci Resolve …

Alright problem solved. now how I delete this thread?

You don’t …