Video Levels are clipped

We’ve recently used VEAI to run selects through an upscaling process only to discover that VEAI is not preserving all the data in the file as it pertains to video levels.

One example is .mxf clips that present as ‘over exposed’ in Resolve or Premier but all the highlight data is still in the file, it’s just over 100 IRE. A simple adjustment of the video signal can bring down the over exposure and recover the detail over 100 IRE.

Not so of the VEAI clips that were upscaled to 8K. That data/detail over 100 IRE is hard clipped and can not be recovered in a grading process. We’re also missing any detail under 0 IRE (sub-blacks).

Understanding this now I certainly would have opted to use VEAI in a very different way for this project and I would suggest that there is an effort made by Topaz to address this issue by preserving this source file data when up-scaling or frame rate adjusting a clip.

It would also be nice to see an RGB compatible codec (ProRes4444, Cineform) as an option for it’s render out options for pipelines that are natively Data Levels.