Video enhancer ai models not downloading

video enhancer ai models not downloading
if i try and force them all at once , nothing happens
if i add video hit preview app flickers and becomes unresponsive, which i assume is same issue of system not downloading models
also tried three different versions 2.61 2.60 and 2.4 all same issue
update tried 2.3 and that works… so what messing up the newer ones

interested to know because I’m having the same issues…AIENGINEFAIL, Cancel errors, etc I have a rtx 3070 i7-7700k oc’ed to 4.9ghz and 64gb shouldn’t be no issues

my setup is amd ryzen 7 3700x 8core with 16gbs mem and geforce rtx 3060 rc
but its a weird issue because 2.3 gets models but newer ones wont download models and program becomes unresponsive

so i been in advanced section of firewall and found rules that had it blocked… so i changed them and got it working

Tried to disable windows firewall without luck. Other computers run fine - only the one I want to do the upscaling work on - cannot download the AI model file…

Was it in the Windows firewall or a third party one? I can’t find any rules regarding Topaz products. I’m having the same problem as you.

so i reinstalled windows clean onto bigger ssd and now its not in the advanced rules… like before… however this is after trying the latest … when i got it to work i tried a bunch …so might have to repeat steps

interesting note
2.4 is a huge file to download compared to 2.6 the app file changed so maybe somewhere in there is issue… be nice if developers chimed into this conversation

also i noticed topaz 2.6 makes two folder in roaming related to models… this might also be part of issue
since it looks like it changes from 2.4

I am on 2.6.1 and was just having the issue where it couldn’t download models. I ended up adding C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Video Enhance AI\Topaz Video Enhance AI.exe to the Allowed list on the outgoing rules for Windows 10 firewall. After that I was able to download models. Good luck!