Video Enhance v2.6.2

So you think DR17 is close to QTGMC. What about Dione DV v2 or v3 from Topaz?

I actually like the Dione models as they seem to have a temporal element to reduce flickering on the exact fields, but currently it still exhibits a lot of combing (similar to the 4:2:0 chroma subsampling thing in Resolve someone mentioned before that was fixed), and the actual AI upscaling part usually ends up looking a bit subpar to Proteus since there’s no control over the parameters. For me it usually looks a bit oversharpened and a bit watercolour painting looking.

I imagine if Topaz fixes the combing and if it’s possible at all to do some kind of Proteus deinterlacing model then that would probably be the one I’d use.

But Proteus is not for deinterlacing but upscaling. Do you deinterlace with Proteus? So know DaVinci is fine for deinterlacing? What do you think about D. Resolve vs QTGMC in Hybrid?

I’m using proteus 3 for a list of videoclips.

I would like to use the automatic adjustments option, for each video clip.

What should I do to be sure Proteus changes settings from one clip to another?

Hello! I have very good results for my videos with qctgm + proteus + vegas pro :slight_smile: I gave up dione tv and dione td :slight_smile:

What do you mean “be sure”? You can put multiple clips in your queue, all with different settings.


Dropbox Link here

Unfortunately flickering is still a problem with any Dione model. I have been patiently waiting for them to fix them all. Lets hope that we wont have to wait past year 2022

I am proficient in Hybrid with best QTGMC. Too difficult for me to post instructions here. I would need to remotely help you set the parameters.

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Could you please provide me the .json files, too?

I noticed that tensorflow.dll disappeared from the program folder
Removed support for tensor kernels? My 3080Ti is only 20% loaded and is slower than 2.3 where it is 60% loaded

Yes, Tensor support was removed months ago. They say it will be back.

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I’d really like to see H265 too, while AV1 is nice for sure, there are no hardware encoders for AV1 yet.

VEAI has no automatic scene detection.
As Lee said you’s have to cut every scene change yourself and apply settings on each and every clip.


Not sure where to ask this but, is it possible to multiple versions of VEAI on the same computer? So, latest version on c:/ and a past version on d:/ or would that confuse the computer?

I use the same method also but not giving up on Dione just yet :sweat_smile:

Please read the private message from me. Thank you.

@suraj Was there ever an answer to the _merged files that are created when VEAI is trying to exit? I just converted a video that appears fine in macOS Finder, when I either exit VEAI, or when I remove the finished file from the que. This _merged file can sometimes be larger or smaller than the finished file… however sometimes the _merged is the correct item. I’m very confused. Thanks!

Edit: Discovered if I force quit VEAI after the video is done, there is no noticeable error. If I choose “Quit” from the menu, the App seems to hang for a long time, then exit. During this time is when the _merged file is being created. I could assume it was to merge back in Audio or some other, but that is untrue, the first file contained the audio just fine.

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Is there any ETA about new release/beta? There used to be a roadmap, but that’s not valid anymore?