Video Enhance AI with Google Cloud Server

Hello, while waiting to be able to use your Video Enhance AI software with an AMD graphics card, I wanted to try it on cloud servers like that of google which has nvidia tesla T4 graphics cards, unfortunately when I launch the software, it is indicated vram 0/0 while the graphics card has 16go of vram, can you help me please?

thank you so much

Please raise a support request at the main Topaz Labs website.

There is one other option you can try with the online option:

Good morning! Has this topic been answered? I’m actually interested in doing the same thing with google compute engine and a paired Tesla T4 GPU and some cloud storage. @mastercraft760, were you able to successfully make this work?

The one thing I’ve seen but haven’t yet tried is setting the GPU for passthrough to the windows server box. Supposedly that gives extra control and/or optimization.

Curious see hear what worked…



I tried that url but it brought me back to the page where to buy the software… is there perhaps a paid cloud service for Video Enhance AI ? I would like to use gaia hq v5 to enhance a 4 minute .mov with more detail but my computer is too slow (takes 17 days)

It looks like the online service has been closed down now.

I have recently started using the Video AI and having the same issue of ong render durations. I was wondering if you have found a solution top this?