Video Enhance AI v2.2.0

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Oh okay, i’m so sorry @PaulM

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But I used Custom version, you know it, 225% from 480p to 1080p and there have always been some problems.
Could you upscale me this ProRes file by your new method to obtain both 1080p and 2160p? I am very curious if it is really good. Please prepare ProRes file.

By the way, could you also write your performance (frames/ sec of such method)? You have very the fast workstation.
Thank you.
PS My attempt is above (Bridge) but I finally saved as mp4 but all intermediate step were ProRes and DNxHR.

There you go. AAA v9 450% ERR mp4 => 0.23 s/frame

Also, these comparisons are from the video you sent me. Usually, I use for blu-ray and dvd which is easier to see the differences between ERR and 4K UHD setting.

p/s: don’t judge the quality of the pictures, Artemis HQ MQ LQ don’t do well with videos with trees and grass. But still, ERR gives a better and accurate results than 4K UHD setting. It will give a better result with blu-ray and dvd for sure.

I’m confused, as that post states:

There is no such setting.

If you are saying, choose either 100%, 200%, or 400%, then it’s no surprise that gives the best results, as that’s the direct output from the model files. Just look at the model file names… they have towards the end -1X-, -2X-, and -4X-. 450% would just be doing a regular non-AI upscale from 400% to 450%. I’m also pretty certain that the “ERR” you are seeing just affects the output file or folder name; it should have no bearing on how the model files perform.

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I mean, you can choose any upscaling % your choice. I use 200% for 1080p and 450% for 480p. For 450%, it would be 4.5x. It does make differences as I attached the pictures above. Since Custom setting uses a different scaling AI model, so it’s not the preset 4K UHD or 8K UHD that are too hard to upscale properly from low resolution footages. I know it sounds weird when I say this, but you can test it yourself. It’s okay if they’re the same on your end. But at least to me, 450% ERR and 450% 4K UHD are not the same for sure.

Isn’t " ERR " just saying Error ?

Sorry, I have no idea

First I would like to thank Topaz for the new preset “Dione Interlaced Robust v4”, which solved a serious problem of geometrization of faces of the audience and of the musicians, when filmed at a distance, from the 1997 Yanni - Tribute show, smoothing in a better way than the plugins for this purpose that are for restoring images from DVD PAL and NTSC (here an earlier version using CROP, which for me only made the image even worse, for those who want to check the 22M: 48S,, and here is a 4K version (with the plugin mentioned above) in image of a
tracker I participate in, but I don’t know if I can put the link to this forum, so here is a picture of a video frame:

I am a show enthusiast, and unfortunately many did not come out in BD and so I had to resort to options for image enhancement programs like Topaz Video Enhanced AI.

When doing an Upscaling of the Scorpions show I came across two
problems that I hope will one day be solved by Topaz:

  1. Highly charged colors, in particular blue and red, and if you had an option to improve this by attenuating the colors, as well as brightness this would help a better final product as software like DaVinci Resolve does.
  2. I don’t know why in certain scenes, I had to use a plugin that doubles from 25,000 to 50,000 PAL files and from 29,970 to 59,940, doubling the final size of the generated file, because there is a jitter in the horizontal and sometimes vertical images .

I would really like Topaz to test these two DVDs that gave a good result, but not as satisfactory as I expected: Yanni - Tribute 1997 and Scorpions - Acoustica 2001, I believe that by testing this DVD the Topaz team can create new presets even better than the current ones, even so I can only thank you for the current ones that are very good.

When is M1 support coming for the Mac? I suppose the dedicated ML cores could help speed things up a lot!

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Any ETA on support for M1? I bought this back in Nov/2020.

The missing piece is the original frame. I would like see if the ERR version is a standard upscale without AI. It makes sense that ERR means error, as that’s the abbreviation used in many devices. In such a case, the upscaled output would look the same regardless of which AI model was selected.

I still haven’t been able to reproduce the ERR.

Actually AI is indeed there. That’s why trees and grass are blurry since we all know how Artemis AI reacts to them already. I’m not sure how and why but the precision of ERR seems a lot better than the presets. It could be a general AI? Or it only scales better for 4:3 videos (if this is true, then the presets are surely for 16:9 contents only that will make 4:3 videos look worse)
I’m confused lol.

No, it does not. All VEAI runs use only 100, 200, or 400% models, no other models exist (look in your models folder). Custom is simply a way for you to specify the percent, while the “presets” do it for you to make it easy. If you see a difference between 2160 when you do it custom vs 4K as a preset then something else is happening.

When you use 450% the AI upscaling is 400%, then a fairly poor non-AI upscaling the rest of the way.

I’ve forgotten the exact breakpoints (they’ve been published here more than once, but I didn’t write them down) so I don’t remembe if 225% uses 200 then up, or 400 then down, but the break is somewhere close to the 225 number. 400 then down will generally look better than 200 then up.

What version of VEAI are you using? Doesn’t look like 2.2, but I can’t tell for sure (your controls are below the image, while 2.2 is above).

Nah. When you pick custom setting, it upscales differently. But you can pick custom setting after picking 4K UHD actually.
For custom setting only, it will shows “Artemis High Quality 11 ERR”
For 4K UHD + custom setting, it will shows “Artemis High Quality 11 4K/HD/200%/450%” like normal.
It doesn’t matter what you pick, presets will give the worse result than ERR at any % upscaling.

Anyway, you can change the panel top or bottom in the Preferences.

I don’t know how hard it would be to implement but yes this would be super cool.

Hi Taylor, congrats on the effort you’ve put into these enhancements. This is moving along very nicely to a more workflow-based model that I suggested a while back. I’ve had a quick experiment with it and so far it’s looking great. Two observations for your consideration:

  1. Still as in all previous versions, the very first time I attempt to Preview render after installing the update, it instantly crashes out. From the second launch onwards, Preview is fine. (Currently Windows Pro 10 x64 18363.)
  2. After you’ve watched Preview, when you select ONE preview pane and change the model, clicking Preview re-renders ALL the models so you have to wait for three even though you’ve only changed one. Would be better to keep the other models in cache so they don’t have to be re-rendered, to speed up workflow.

This multiple side-by-side Preview makes it SO easy to select the best model for each clip. Great job!

OK, you know where your model folder is? Show me the “4K” model. Show me the “450%” model. Nobody else has them, so I would like to know what they look like.

Hopefully Taylor or someone will come along to disabuse you of the notion that there is any such thing as a 225, 450, or 4K model.

When I select 4K, my banner does read 4K. When I choose 450% custom, it reads 450%. No ERR, which is something only you have.

I am sorry that I never paid any attention to the ribbon location preference, my bad.


As I can see, there’s a model “none” there that came from nowhere (I had never checked the models folder until now). But about ERR, I don’t know anything. All I know that it “gives” me lots of advantages. When I choose 4K, it is 4K. When I choose 4K UHD then 450%, it shows 450% like everyone one else.

Like I said. Anyone who can test just try and let me know. If you don’t have that option, then don’t mind it. My main post is just a question (with a question mark right on the title). It’s not a claim or something. But I have shown the proof. Maybe only people who have Ampere GPUs will have that option? Or maybe it was an error on my machine? But since this error is too GOOD, I doubt that it is a new hidden feature that I accidentally unlocked? That’s why I asked the developers to give me an explanation for this. No need to be grouchy about it.