Video Enhance AI v2.2.0

Try using v.2.1.1 and see if it fixes your issue. When running VEAI, the power consumption of GPU goes up and down, creating spikes. I recommend undervoltage your GPU for stability, speed and lower power consumption.

For anyone reading this with same problem, this won’t resolve the issue.

Can you post a clearer screenshot of your GPU power consumption while running VEAI? If it goes up and down, then it’s OK. CPU doesn’t matter. VEAI doesn’t run 100% CPU and GPU usage, because it uses tensore cores.

Is there anybody who uses Neat Video or DVO Clarity?

There you go

This is the script I’m using. It uses a 2-pass technique initially described to me by @dbasthemer in this thread: My Star Trek DVD Upscale Project - #3 by dbasthemer which is nothing short of miraculous compared to converting VFR sources to 24fps. imho. It then uses a QTGMC repair process based on that described by Joel Hruska’s “start trek DS9” project. It also converts to 12 bit (for better resolution during processing) and uses checkmate to help with dot crawl. There’s much discussion about what others have been doing in that other star trek thread.

I’ve been working on some tooling to automate all the tools involved in this process from end to end. It’s probably not quite ready for a layman to try but this is an easy way now to point you to my avisynth scripts:

To use this you’d have to substitute real file names for the variables at the top commented as “API” - this gets used by an automated workflow that rewrites it with the right file names for each usage.

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As of late, studio drivers are updated just as often.

I’ve used Neat Video a bit, usually to remove dirt or grain from older films.

In 2021, there have been six Game Ready driver releases, and four Studio driver releases. It’s about once a month or once every six weeks. This is pretty logical because the Game Ready driver eventually becomes the Studio driver unless problems are found with it.

I like what this script does to the source for Dione output. I can see in the process workflow you have Artemis Medium V13 currently as Topaz Method - try Dione DV 1 in Progressive mode. AM13 on the left Dione DV1 on the Right

I am not sure I I will carry on with the VFR encoding at the end so I might tweak it, at least for now, and it didn’t clean up the title sequence as much as my oriignal script did, but I am impressed enough with most of the faces - foreground and background - that I will do a whole episode to compare.

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No question this is a very compelling comparison. I’m going to give it a go. To my eyes the Dione version retains significantly more detail. I’m going to give a try on Stargate SG1 too and see how it stacks up to Gaia HQ; if it’s similar results but faster I’d be glad to switch.

I’m fully planning to redo everything whenever I get the automation part of all this finished anyway, I’ve already made so many changes since I started this. I’ve basically been tinkering/tweaking/re-watching :wink: from S1E01, I’m about halfway through S2 right now in rewatching and a few episodes farther along in recoding. So I have no problem putting everything back through the pipeline when I find a better way.

@virtutis So which model exactly are you using? Do I need to tweak the JSON for it to behave correctly for progressive sources?


Try this one, just rename it back to json file, put it in the models and load Tooaz. It should load DV1. I made it progressive already but its switching the flag interlacedframes to 0.

dione-dv-1.txt (6.7 KB)

Thanks. I think I’m going to have to name it as one of the other four so I can load it from the command line since those CLI option names seem hardcoded .

… oh wait there is already a dione-dv-2.json, somehow I didn’t notice that before; do you recommend this over that?

(edit again). OK it looks like this JSON is the same as the native DDV2 but with interlacedFrames set to 0. Cool.

[quote=“taylor.bishop, post:40, topic:23770”]…
We ran a poll in the Facebook community


But as I hate Facebook:
They will not take me back to test for nothing. Sorry…

Do you still use it? Could I send you 1-2 short clips to clean? Full HD progressive, PF25.

Sure. Use a file hosting website and post the link.

Thanks for posting this.

if nothing else, it tells me I have a lot to learn.

How i can preserve the audio during / after upscaling ?
Because i dont have audio after upscaling and is always enabled on settings.

there is some fix for this ?

Thanks you very much.

I’ve noticed a drop in quality, checking old files from last year. GHQ was sharper before GHQ-5