Video Enhance AI v2.2.0 Artemis details loss

  1. Here is an example from Child’s Play movie of high, medium and low models: — Яндекс.Диск

As you can see low model have problems to differentiate noise from details (look scene with carpet).
Same thing with other materials that have texture look.

  1. And another problem of all artemis models - looks like to denoise current frame they use info only from frames before it and not from frames after it.
    So first frames denoising is lower quality than else.
    Because of this even details loss occures.

You can see it in same files of low quality model. Most part of carpet disappeares on first frames of the scene. Then some of them appear back…
Also check first frames of high model. As you can see on magasine on table - a lot of noise is still there on first 2 frames.
Then also check magasine in low model. You will see that its title is nearly invisible in first frame of the scene. Then it appears back.

Have you try my method here?
Try again and let me know if it helps.

Tried. No change. Samples are done using 100% denoise/deblock setting. Same in custom 100% lock or 1920x1080. Same when upscaled to 4k (but carpet is restored faster - still some parts blurred).

Use Artemis HQ, MQ and Gaia HQ and let me know what happens please.