Video Enhance AI v1.8.1

NVENC would destroy most of VEAI quality outputs and would be completely useless with the computing rendering images per seconds you get. On the other side x265 encoding with slow presets would achieve great results and saving time. NVENC is meant for speed in trade of global quality. Why on earth would we need NVENC encoding in a program that can render 0.1 to 5 frames per seconds at the best ?

People Like API Words.


Pick one.

I like them too, you always have such a great idea of how everything will be better if the software you use makes use of XYZ that sounds great and someone did make a lot of advertisement for it that also looks great.

The thousands of lines of code behind it you unfortunately not see, and that someone has to build it and it fits together to the idea they did have , drag and drop does not work here.

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Where/how did you get Gaia v6? It’s not in this release unless I am missing something.

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i am also running v1.8.1 … and there is no gaia v6

If you kept those models, you can use them in 1.8.1.

Edit - corrected path

You have to add it manually.

First, close VEAI.

Open this file:

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Topaz Labs LLC\Video Enhance AI\models\gaia-hq-5.json

Change line 3:

"version": "5",


"version": "6",

Now, save the file as:

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Topaz Labs LLC\Video Enhance AI\models\gaia-hq-6.json

Now when you start VEAI, both Gaia v5 and Gaia v6 should appear in your model list. The program will download the files it needs as needed.


I have no problem with NVENC qp0 in ffmpeg (consider it’s lossless, 99.9%), output is even better than CPU encoding (using my poor eyes :rofl:). I don’t encode at target rate, only in rare occasions due to limitations. Same result in both H264 and H265.

What’s better 3090 or 6900xt?

You want lossless only in the case of further editing in a NLE. And what’s worse than GOP based codec for editing ? Or I hope your qp=0 NVENC files are at least --keyint=1 also.
Better work with real intraframe lossless codecs like MagicYUV.
And the dev team should better consider x265 (that also can be lossless) than NVENC. Or sudenly will VEAI will magically be enable to compute 10x faster just because it is encoding with NVENC ?
No, you will get the same speed and in that case a normal brain would choose the better output quality solutions with other crf values.
NVENC is just a terrible codec. I’ve seen 4K H265 Nvenc encoded files even @35MB/s with awful banding artifacts. NVENC is meant for speed and live streaming purpose.

At the moment it’ll be neither, buying one of the new GFX cards for Topaz would be a big waste of your cash. It’ll take a bit of time before Topaz and other software is fine-tuned to take full advantage of these new architectures.

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Whichever is in stock I suppose.

Hmm, my “gaia-hg-5.json” file is located here instead:

C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Roaming\Topaz Labs LLC\Video Enhance AI\models

And I have not noticed any differences in the quality of v5 vs v6…

Interestingly, I haven’t noticed any speed differences during my tests with either my RTX 2070 (non-Super) vs my RTX 3070. I haven’t tried my GTX 1060 (3GB) yet due to lack of time.

My take: At this point, don’t waste your money. I think it would make more sense to invest in a faster CPU (like a 3950X) especially if you are using Staxrip to perform pre-processing cleanups before you feed your videos to VEAI. If scripted properly, Staxrip is able to push my 3950X to nearly 100% CPU usage.

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Tried Gaia V6. Notice some improvement on the facial department. Less weirdly look than before but still got room for improvement.

There’s literally no difference in yours and Chase’s.

i assumed that …

but i have never seen gaia V6 … from 1.6.1 to 1.8.1 there was no v6

It was in the 1.8.0 beta. Higher versions of Theia were also there; the assumption is that they found problems greater than with earlier versions and so rolled back.

Actually, photoshop and a number of other graphics software DO let you keep older versions of how their software functions, and let the users decide if and when they want to use the old methods.


Please show an example.


Yes, there is literally a difference!

If you don’t include the in your directory (especially when your computer is being used by several users), you won’t find the Topaz Labs LLC models!

BTW, Chase edited his post to correct his entry after my post – in case you were wondering.